Monday, 5 August 2013

Operation garden (destruction)

August 1st, probably going to be one of the hottest days of the year. So sensibly we decided to have a rest and relaxation day. Sit in the shade, eat well, avoid dehydration with a good liquid intake.

If only, the reality was a little different. It was a dry day, so outside jobs had to be done. So garden it was and off we went.

A lot of heavy pruning of plants by Jay. She's fairly Samurai like when she wields the pruning saw.

A lot of digging, helped by Buffy.

A lot of root fighting, helped by Buffy.

And a couple of trips to the tip, it can hold a lot. Not helped by Buffy.

On the second trip to the tip. The temporary, indoor and hardly used one. We were approached by the council operative. Apparently it had taken him 20 minutes to tidy up after us. Would we mind tidying up after ourselves this time. We did. At the non temporary tip, they wouldn't have cared. And to be fair, other operatives have helped us to empty the car. Think we probably found the only one who liked doing nothing all day.

The garden is heading in the right direction. Old plants past their sell by date and plants we don't want are going. Plants we wish to keep may be moved to a holding area, for later placement.

At the end of the day. And no sign of Buffy. Think she needed a rest.

Decking is being removed by John, a neighbour who put it in. We hope he's coming back to remove the rest. He's not been around for a few days.

Both tired, sore and very dehydrated. It was a day well spent. And very productive.

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  1. Been to the tip today. Bloke overjoyed to have a customer. Offered to help unload. And also said the other blokes attitude wasn't acceptable.

    Nice man :)