Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lighting the way

Bit of first fixing has gone on. Which means a trip to buy lights for the bedrooms and en suite. If we have them, the electrician will fit them, rather than basic fittings. Saves me a job later.

Bathroom light

Dropped them off and realised there's two landings to be lit as well. So back out we went to buy more.

The upper landing has been plaster boarded out. Which has hidden the brickwork. And is now really bright, we were concerned that even with a fairly large velux, it'd be a bit dark. It wont :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Going on up - We have stairs

So far Jay has only managed to stick her head into the loft once. She doesn't do ladders. But today she stood in the loft.

The stairs were fitted over the weekend. John the carpenter is in hospital today, for an op, we wish him a rapid recovery. Think he fitted it in to keep his mind off it.

Walls have gone and gotten themselves plastered, not drunk, but finished.

So moving along. Need to pick spindles, architraves and skirting boards. We're having the same throughout, so will have to pick very carefully.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'm Going Up In The World!

Well, hopefully! It's been really frustrating for me because most of the decisions have been made for the top floor - what will be our bedroom and en suite - without me being very involved as I can't get up there. Today though, hopefully, the bespoke staircase is going in. I'm using bespoke in the loosest sense of the word - it's nothing fancy, just a normal staircase, but it has been made to measure as we need a couple of turns on it to make it fit, so couldn't buy a simpler (and cheaper) one off the shelf.

I've bought all the stuff for the en-suite - shower, loo, vanity unit, demisty cabinet and radiators/towel rails, and although the layout that's been described to me has changed a couple of times, I kept being assured that everything would fit easily, and it was a decent sized room - almost as big as a family baththroom. My only stipulation was that there was room above the sink for the bathroom cabinet that I'd bought, and I was told there was - until yesterday, when suddenly the slopey roof means that things don't fit!

Luckily the plumber hasn't started the first fix yet, so once the stairs are in and I can finally get up there, we can try and play around with the layout to see if we can make it work. Watch this space!