Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hello my name is Jay and I'm a pyromaniac

The other day Jay told you about the garden incinerator we bought. She wasn't going to use it, it was all mine. That lasted less than a day. I've hardly had a look in!

As it could only be used for non woody waste, wood burns too hot and would warp the metal, we would still have to take the wood to the tip. I suggested a fire pit. So a raised bed, got converted and some of the many, many flags from the garden were used to line it.

This morning we wandered up the road to do a little bit, ok a lot, wheelie bin + 3 trugs + 2 ikea bags & stuff just lying around.

As the pit was to be my baby, I started a little fire.

Within a minute I'd been relegated to the incinerator!

Yes Jay was in charge of the fire. She was building it bit by bit, so that it could cope with bigger and bigger bits of wood.

Then horror of horrors garden waste was running out!

Thinking that was that I was expecting the fire to be left to burn itself out. But no. Could I start breaking up the trellis we'd taken down? That ran out. Could I dismantle the trellis that was still up?

Thankfully easily accessible wood ran out and lunchtime arrived. Home we went, yet again stinking of smoke. Another successful day.

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