Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'm Going Up In The World!

Well, hopefully! It's been really frustrating for me because most of the decisions have been made for the top floor - what will be our bedroom and en suite - without me being very involved as I can't get up there. Today though, hopefully, the bespoke staircase is going in. I'm using bespoke in the loosest sense of the word - it's nothing fancy, just a normal staircase, but it has been made to measure as we need a couple of turns on it to make it fit, so couldn't buy a simpler (and cheaper) one off the shelf.

I've bought all the stuff for the en-suite - shower, loo, vanity unit, demisty cabinet and radiators/towel rails, and although the layout that's been described to me has changed a couple of times, I kept being assured that everything would fit easily, and it was a decent sized room - almost as big as a family baththroom. My only stipulation was that there was room above the sink for the bathroom cabinet that I'd bought, and I was told there was - until yesterday, when suddenly the slopey roof means that things don't fit!

Luckily the plumber hasn't started the first fix yet, so once the stairs are in and I can finally get up there, we can try and play around with the layout to see if we can make it work. Watch this space!


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