Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dog Walking Got Exciting!

We walk Buffy-dog a couple of times a day on common ground which is separated from the new house by allotments. The most exciting part of the dogwalk used to be poop-scooping or fending off giddy puppies who 14 year old Buffy really has no patience for any more.

There's a new excitement on the daily walks now though, which we never anticipated - now the builders have started, we get the first glimpse of what's happening up there - especially as most of the work is taking place at the back. It was on a dogwalk that we first saw the scaffolding was up, and where this afternoon I saw that although we currently have no roof, we have two of the velux windows in place. I have to say though, looking at that slate-less roof, I hope we don't get too much rain tonight!

I think Al and I will be fighting over who takes Buffy for the next couple of weeks until all the work moves inside - or it gets even colder, in which case he can do it ;-)


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