Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I got thrown out!

Lee, the builder, started properly yesterday. Didn't get to pop up, as I was on a 12 hour shift.

Went up this morning and basically got told to leave. Might have been allowed to stay if I had a hard hat. Can I have a hard hat?

It was all go. The door between the front room and the soon to be massive kitchen, was being filled. The rest of the ceiling upstairs was falling down. Or should that be kicked down, cause that's what they do. I'd be scared I'd slip off the joist as I kicked. Would be embarrassing.

Meanwhile the chippies were an a break. They've started putting the new joists in, but can't carry on, while the rest of the ceiling comes out.

No sign of the other half of the roof being redone. But the roofers bin a bit tom and dick. So probably a little behind.

Still think the look on Lee's face was priceless, when I asked if we'd be in for Christmas. I was joking. Be quite nice to be in for my birthday. Fingers crossed.

PS more pictures at the weekend.

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