Sunday, 17 November 2013

All change

The superfluous door has gone. Or should I say moved. We now have the frame of a large cupboard on the landing. Plenty of storage. You can never have too much storage.

Yesterday we went to mark out sockets, ready for the first fix. Jay climbed the ladder, not all the way, just high enough to look into the loft. After a bit of discussion and a lot of measuring, we decided yet again the architects are idiots.

The en suite will no longer be en suite. Door on the landing. Landing to be shortened by about two feet. Which will give us roughly 6 square feet of extra space. Lee came around especially to discuss it.

It really feels as if things are happening. First fix is soon to be happening and we're looking to be ordering bathrooms. The shower is massive 1.4m by 0.8m. Looking at a double shower unit. 1 on a hose and 1 overhead. An ideal situation for those that have hair that sometimes doesn't need to be washed.

 So tomorrow afternoon we're hitting bathroom showrooms. 

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