Saturday, 25 January 2014

..... and Relax (well, sort of)

Not sure why, but I'm feeling a lot less stressed at the end of the week than I was at the beginning. We still have a list of things to do as long as my arm, but at least they're things which signify we're heading towards the home straight. We've been out today and spent a ridiculous amount of money on tester pots of paint - the top floor should be getting second fix of both electrics and plumbing next week, so that's pretty much ready for the decorator to start.
The second floor (apart from the bathroom which isn't started yet) needs the new windows to go in, and the window walls in the three bedrooms need to be plastered after they've gone in, but other than that they're almost done too!

The extensions are finally going up, and now they're started, they're going up fast! The builder reckons he'll be on to the roof of the first one by next week, weather permitting, then it won't be long before the steels go in, and old walls come down at which time we'll really be able to see the size of the new kitchen. It's one thing seeing the plans on paper, but I can't wait to actually stand in there!

We've had two kitchen appointments, with one more to go, then it will be decision time. Apart from the overall budget for building works, the kitchen will be the most expensive single item by a long way, so we really need to get it right. We've already ordered the kitchen table, a sofa bed for the 'gym' and a couple of other bits and bobs - luckily on a ten week hold with the shop - which means we have a deadline!

We also had the survey from the woodburning stove people this week. The chimney needs lining - which we knew already due to the age of the house, but we also need a steel lintel as there are a few cracked bricks over the fireplace, which we weren't expecting. Luckily Lee, the builder was there when I had the meeting (Al was off galivanting in York for the afternoon) and he's able to fit and supply the lintel, as well as rendering the fireplace. I have told him there's no rush - it doesn't matter if the stove is one of the last things to go in. I'm more interested in seeing the size of the back room!

Exciting times :)


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