Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year catchup

Happy 2014 everyone :)

Been a little lax recently in posting, what with the run up to Christmas and New Year. Followed by New Year bugs for us both. I had my first day off sick in over 5 years. On the way to healthy again.

Back in October, almost 3 months to the day, the view from the landing looked pretty much like this

Now we have a landing a bedroom and a bathroom up there

 Little landing, very well lit by the velux, letting light down onto the original landing, which was very dark.

There will be a door through to the eaves. Between front and rear, we think there will be about the same as we have in the current loft.
 The east wing of the bedroom. Including eaves access a.
 The west wing of the bedroom. Wall socket and aerial, ready for the TV.

Also eaves access b. We would probably have been ok with just one access,
Bathroom, not not a bad size, the sloping roof makes it feel smaller than it is. A big walk in shower. Controls outside, so no need for a freeze.

Tiles will be here tomorrow and tiling starts Tuesday. We could end up with a fully working bathroom and not a lot else.

Originally the front two bedrooms had  been knocked into one, now back into two.

 Main front bedroom, which will start life with the gym kit in it. It is a good sized double. A pull out bed for the odd guest, is in the plans.

The fire has been opened up, we hope to get a cast iron, original feature, grate to put in it.

The outer walls have had insulated plaster board added. Loses about and inch on either wall, but the fact the walls will be flat, clean and warming is a bonus.
The little room at the front. Would be a good single, But we'll be having desktop computer and office stuff in there. Couple of massive cabinets will be filling one wall.

The main guest room, at the rear, facing south. Probably a double with en-suite in a modern house. Chimney stack and boiler having been removed, makes a hell of a difference.

To be fair, the view isn't great at the moment. The garden when sorted will be great, the neighbour getting his act together and sorting the fence would be wonderful.

It's south facing so will be a bright room and will never be overlooked because of the allotments. We think that's a bonus.

Footings have been dug and inspected, £200, for the rear extension, for the large kitchen. Hopefully that will be moving on rapidly now.

Quotes have been requested for windows.

Fitted wardrobe people failed to show today, husband has appendicitis apparently, so rebooked for Wednesday.

Much more is going to be happening, still exciting, still scary, but all good.

Watch this space.

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