Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What goes up

Should hopefully stay up :)

The happy workers having a well earned rest. Lee is a little camera shy. Hence the raised paper.

John hard at work, a craftsman. The big hole in the middle is going to be a velux. There's going to be a lot of light spilling in from that end. Windows and doors virtually filling that end wall.

Those suits mean they won't get lost. Apparently £250 a pop! But Ben won't take his off. I think the zip might be stuck.

After discovering the water came up the drive and across the kitchen floor and into the neighbours, we are going to renew the lead pipes. Which will mean it goes through the cellar to our new sink position. We have Lee and Del, the plumber working out how to get it next door, without causing mayhem or upsetting them. Has to be done now, or there could be problems in the future.

Jay seems a little disappointed, we ordered the furniture for the main bathroom this afternoon, which means there's only one loo left to order.

I have high hopes the steels will be in next week, then we will really be able to see the space. Exciting stuff.

Watch this space.

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