Saturday, 8 February 2014


.... or the more extravagant American version - Extreme Makeover. If you've ever seen one of these shows with different workmen everywhere you look, all tripping over each other in a small space, then you can picture what it's been like at the house this week!

We've had two builders outside working on the second extension, two joiners making doorframes inside, and roof battens outside, two electricians, a plumber, a plasterer, and a decorator. Not to mention occasional visitors such as Daniel who came to do the second measuring for the fitted wardrobes, and the two window fitters who've been there today!

It's been a very busy and very chaotic week, but at the end of it, things have really moved on. We now have lights on the top two floors - including a bathroom mirror with a remote control, and many different colour settings on the flourescent lights down each side (bathroom disco anyone?) I'm sure it didn't mention that on the website when I ordered it!

We've had quite a bit of decorating done by Dean - although there was a slight miscommunication about the colour in our bedroom, which was dark grey briefly midweek! Now corrected. We have new windows in the front of the house - cream woodgrain effect ones, which look so much better than the old leaded white uPVC ones. All the new bathroom fixtures have been delivered, so we need the plumber to come and make a start on that as soon as he can, and hopefully the roofers will be on site this week to put the slates on the extension at the back.

We still have a very long way to go, but it now seems that things are moving really quickly, which is great! More photos to come soon.


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