Saturday, 22 February 2014

Life and building goes on

Sadly on Monday Buffy went to have her final sleep. After 15 very happy years for her and Jay and latterly me, Buffy's ailments got to much for her.

She's left a big hole in our lives. No dog walking, no feeding, no tail wagging. And no dog on the mat snoozing of an evening.

She had a long happy life.

Although the world appeared to have stopped in this house, the other house has continued to evolve.

We have shiny new windows. At the front anyway. Door's not been replaced, yet, that'll be done when the builders have finished.

This means that the windowed walls can now be finished. That had been plasterboarded and insulated, but needed the windows in before they could be finished off. Which has now been done.

Dean the Decorator is on the job. Colours have been picked for the 1st and 2nd floors and the colour is going on. Apart from putting the wrong colour up in one room, it's going well.

We have internal doors! John the chippy isn't exactly thrilled with them. Building regs have said fire doors throughout. Guess what. They are very heavy, so not the easiest thing to hang. And there are eight of them.

Steels have been paid for and should be going in next week. So walls will be coming down. Then we will got to see the full scale of our live-in kitchen.

The kitchen company has been picked. Having been to a very nice independent company, quoted 8k over budget, a high street company, just within budget, but without appliances. We happened to discover Daniel the local fitted wardrobe man (third of the price of a national wardrobe company) can also do us a kitchen, within budget including all of the appliances. Seen a lot of his work and it does look like it's the bees knees. He has his own factory to manufacture the units, so can be any shape, size or colour we desire. Totally bespoke.

So looking like we could be in during April. Sadly Buff won't be there to love - because she would have - the underfloor heating.

RIP Buff x

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  1. Sending lots and lots and lots of love to you both but especially Jay, I fell in love with Buffy four years ago, and absolutely loved hearing about her and seeing new photos of her. She was utterly gorgeous. Sleep well Buffy, you were the bestest friend anyone could ever wish for. xx Jay - love and huge hugs. xxxx