Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Tale of Two Bathrooms

We're really seeing progress now, and it's exciting! The en-suite in the loft is almost finished - the new pipes outside need to be fitted, which means that nothing in the room actually works, but inside, all the fixtures and fittings (almost) are in place, so we can see the room - and I love it!
One of the main reasons for doing the loft conversion was to get a big walk in shower for me - when my joints are bad I struggle with an over the bath shower, and a small shower cubicle isn't much better. There wasn't enough room to fit one in the house bathroom without losing the bath, and the other alternative would have been to create a new bathroom or ensuite in one of the bedrooms, which would have left us with a two bedroomed house, with massive living space downstairs. That would have been so unbalanced, that if we ever wanted to sell, I think we'd have really struggled, so we decided to move into the loft, giving us more bedrooms than we need, but a better balanced living/sleeping ratio.

I'm thrilled with our bathroom up there. It's not a massive space, but I really think we've made the best of it. The shower is nearly a metre long, with a big rainfall head as well as a standard riser rail for when I don't want to wash my hair!

The controls are all outside so you can turn it on without getting a damp arm. The room's fully tiled in two shades of pale grey - I really couldn't be happier with the way it's turned out!

In contrast, we've not started the main house bathroom yet, so that will be the next big project - I've been talking to the plumber this week, and pretty much decided what I want - most of which has been ordered and will be delivered next week! Although we don't have a bath in the en-suite, I do like a good soak, especially when my joints are really sore, so I want to make sure the room is relaxing, and the bath is comfy! I've decided to go for a double ended bath, and instead of taps in the middle, it will fill from the overflow. I want it to be set in a tiled frame too, so I have somewhere to rest my book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine!

It's quite hard to imagine at the moment, but I'm really hoping we get a finish as fabulous as we have in the en-suite.

The updates seem to be coming thick and fast now - things are really moving, and I'm starting to believe we may be in within a few months. I can't wait!


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