Saturday, 5 April 2014

Meanwhile at the other house

Although not so full on, we have to live there after all, work is ongoing on at our current home. With every intention of renting it out, we're looking at low maintenance.

So six months ago, the left hand side was a bed of conifers, dark and full of rubbish. Then John a neighbour from the other house went mad with a chainsaw and down they come. Then he built the fence. He's a useful chappy.

Over the past few months we've dug out the roots, removed copious amounts of soil, dumped up the road, cause we'll need it.

Today a final roller and turf laying. We reckon the garden has grown by almost a third in useable, low maintenance, space.

Cheekily I did it pretending to be part of Lee Hudson Builders, with my blagged hoddie.

In other news, la-z-boy have been ordered for the kitchen. Electric recliners. So four seats of luxury.

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