Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You can't beat a good strip.

The house had a painted house number on the front, as many houses of that era did. It also had part of the original kitchen wall painted red. We have no idea why. Another case of it had to go.

So toddled off to B&Q, other DIY stores are available, and purchased paint stripper.

This morning the stripper was applied, left for the relevant 2+ hours. Then we attacked it with scrapers. Funnily enough, it did what it said on the tin. But was going to need a another coat. We also realised scraping wasn't going to do it. Because bricks have gaps.

So off to B&Q again for wire wool. Instead a metal brush was spotted and subsequently purchased.

Second coat attacked with scraper and wire brush. The painted number has gone totally. And the painted wall is liveable with. Bit of effort, but well worth it.

This weekend, we hope, to start tidying with a vengeance. So many little things to do. And so much plumbing left to do. Come on Del!

But having watched hundreds of hours of house doing up problems, we still didn't realise it wouldn't go as well as we wished.

Getting there.

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