Friday, 4 April 2014

AII I want to do is join the happy crowd

Behind the green door. Yes we have a new front door. Top panel has Rose Villas etched into it. That's the original name of the house.
Cornice renewed where the wall was insulated. Cost more for the mould than the actual cornice.

And the big fan has moved house. That's 2 things moved now. At this rate we'll have fully moved in about 5 years.
There's a man on the roof! Oh it's Simon the fireman's son.That's the end of the liner sticking out. Apparently when they built the house, they didn't do a nice straight chimney. Took a bit of work to get it down.
Is that a fire?
Is that a hole in the wall?
No it's a fireplace. 5 kilowatt fire. Almost had an 8, due to a mistake in the shop. Fortunately Simon decided that was wrong. We'd have need air bricks! Don't really want holes being knocked in the new plaster.

Looking forward to some cold nights.
Ben's moved on from plastering to painting. The whole ground floor is starting off white, so easy enough to do.

He's 3 peaking this weekend. Hopefully he'll be fit for work on Monday.

Nearly done is the electrics. We have lights and sockets. Just at the time it's less necessary,

What's coming up. This month, the kitchen and the family bathroom are being fitted. R&P tiling going to hit the house with a vengeance. Bathroom fully tiled, kitchen floor and hall to be tiled.

And we are starting a mass tidy up. A lot of rubbish to be removed. We may need a skip, or at least a number of trips to the tip. Not been there for a while.

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