Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Storage, everyone likes storage.

The fitted wardrobes have been, well fitted. What else. A little bit of an oops. There's supposed to be two mirrored doors. Now ordered by Dan, Dan the wardrobe man, of Yorkshire Wardrobes.

 The view east. Jay's dressing table. With electrified drawers. Keep those hair electrical appliances in the drawer, with no trailing wires.
The view west.

Plenty of cupboards. The right has 20cm shelves, but we have straight lines. 3 or 4 different levels on that wall.

The drawers in front of the loft access was planned. Everybody, me, Jay, Lee the builder and Dean the decorator, thought major boo boo. They were fixed! Nope, as requested they look fitted, they aren't. Very clever.

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