Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Was that me? Probably.

So we discovered the water feed came up the drive, under the kitchen and branched under the floor in to the neighbours house. In lead! That isn't good in many ways. However Yorkshire water will sort it out for free. Yippee. Actually no. What they will do is replace it up to our boundary and we do the rest.

So after chats with them next door, the plumber, the builder, them next door again, it was agreed, we'd do it. To be honest it had to happen otherwise the build would come to a stop.

 So this our hole. Water and I'm assuming the gas. The water is now going through the cellar. Which is where the gas already goes.
Fairly unobtrusive. So what did Yorkshire Water do.

Day 1 : cone off both sides of the road.
Day 2 : Actual day 1 for them. Yorkshire Water cancelled! Stand down builder, stand down plumber, stand down neighbour. Nb I suspect if we'd cancelled we'd have to have paid a fee!
Day 3 : Woohoo all went smoothly, apart from us blocking the road. See photos.
Day 4 : Saturday they came and filled in the hole. I believe they were called the Hole Filling Crew (Brackets we don't do tarmac!)
Day 5 : It's Sunday. So the road is still half closed. Which takes out about 6 cars usual spaces. I feel we may be unpopular.
Day 6 : Tarmac laid.
Day 7 : We rested. Very biblical.

The warning
You have been warned
See, I told you.
I need a scratch.

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