Tuesday, 18 March 2014

We can probably cook an egg on it.

We decided from day one, the kitchen was massive, so radiators just wouldn't do the job. Underfloor heating was the way ahead.

So first of all you need a plan! Who knew you actually had a plan. Just thought they ran pipes from side to side.

Never seen a floor being insulated, but you really don't want to heat the earth.

Sadly I missed the puzzle being put together. Think it may have been quite a laborious job. Seems to have been big sheets of pink foam, with groves.

I believe, or should I say guess, the metal conducts and spreads the heat.

And boarded out. Looking nice and easy.

Then a look in the cellar!! I was expecting the water goes in one end and out the other. Apparently not. Glad Del knows what he's doing. I think

The blue pipes the water main coming in. And I'm guessing the T is to next door. That had better not be just left hanging in the middle of the cellar!

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