Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dream team

When we started, we didn't have a clue where or how to start. Bumbled around with architects, who appeared fresh and full of good ideas. In hindsight, they weren't brilliant on extensions, might have been better on a new build.

Chucked out the build to several builders, one was a recommendation. You know what, a recommendation is worth it's weight in gold.

Along comes a great team.

Lee Hudson Builders. This is Lee, his sons Charlie and Will, along with Ben the plasterer. Lee is a really nice and genuine bloke. They work hard and they work well. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In fact we have plans for them and phase II, the garden.

J&R Joinery. The J is for John. Although Jay didn't recognise the name to start with, turns out he'd worked on the house 20 years ago when her mum and dad were here. The wardrobes he put in then were a nightmare to rip out last year. He definitely builds things to last! Stephen is John's son and is very much a craftsman.

Del is the plumber, recommended by Lee. Comes in, does a bit of a fix, first or second, then is gone. We may have to pay him money one day.

Mark the electrician, is a bit a of shadow, hardly seen him, but things keep lighting up, so he must be there somewhere.

R&P tiling complete the team, We talk by text, think I've met them once, possibly twice. The tiling in the en-suite is top notch, They're doing the bathroom in a couple of weeks and quoting for the kitchen floor this Monday. Mention their name in a tiling shop, and a discount appears :)

Everybody knows each other and comes on the recommendation of each other. Couldn't be better.

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