Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bye Bye Building Site, Hello Home!

Or almost, anyway! We really are in the home straight now. The tiled kitchen floor is being grouted as I type, just a few cupboard doors left to fit and that's the kitchen done. The hall is being tiled later today, and the bedroom carpets are all being fitted on Saturday.

The electrician is finished, and signed off, and the plumber is back on Monday & Tuesday to finish up - although he has a heck of a lot to do! There are still two radiators to go in, which is why the front room & stairs carpets can't be fitted this weekend. He has all three toilets/bathrooms to plumb in - we still don't have a single working loo! Not to mention filling the system and setting up the underfloor heating! He seems to think it can be done in two days though, so who are we to argue?

That really is the last thing though - after Tuesday, apart from occasional visitors such as blind fitters and the cable guy, (plus outside folks such as landscape gardeners, tree stump grinders and fence fitters) we'll have the place to ourselves and can start to move in. It's been a really long haul, but I know it will have been worth it!

Pics to follow this weekend.


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