Friday, 23 May 2014

Can I interest anyone in a date?

Cos I have one! Or should I say we do. We finally have a moving in date - we're all set for 30th May. We're having the phone and t'internet installed then, and as they can't install there without uninstalling here, and as both Al and I are permanently glued to our iPads, where the wi-fi goes, we go!

I don't think for a second that we'll have everything moved by that date, but fortunately we're in a position to do it gradually. Every time one of us goes up there we take a box or two, and we're gradually packing up everything that isn't likely to be needed before we move. The 30th is also Al's last day at work for a week, so we can use his holiday to move the rest of our things

It's probably just as well that it's a May date. Back at the start of May in a fit of pique at what seemed like slow - or no - progress, I told Al that if we weren't in this month, he could forget the whole thing as I wasn't moving at all! I wasn't serious - or I don't think I was, but it's best not to take that chance!!

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