Friday, 23 May 2014


The kitchen is finished!! Woo hoo!! It's filthy and there's sawdust in every drawer and cupboard!! Boo!!

Al's working all weekend - again - so I will be spending my time cleaning. The downside of having a mahoosive kitchen, is that there a re a LOT of cupboards to be cleaned! I made a good start today - removing the blue plastic from the doors, and starting on the insides. The boiler isn't up and running yet, but I've finally been able to stop knocking on neighbours doors with a bucket, begging hot water (yes, I do think they've started hiding when they see me coming!) thanks to the Smeg hot tap. With a judicious mix of cold water, and 100° hot tap water, I can access as many buckets of hot water as I want to clean my cupboards. I say buckets, because there isn't a waste from the sink to the outside drain yet, so I can't use the sink unless I want to flood my lovely new kitchen!

I've cleaned a few of the insides, starting with the most important - the mug cupboard! As anyone who knows me will be aware, I have a slight problem with mugs - I can't resist buying them! I've already installed a few of my favourites in the new kitchen, and as we finally have a working fridge, I can take up a box of teabags, and a pint of milk tomorrow, and enjoy my first cuppa in the gorgeous new kitchen. The only problem is which mug to use? There'll only ever be one first cuppa - these things are important you know!

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