Saturday, 10 May 2014

What a feck up

Never claimed to be good at DIY and never claimed to be decorator. In fact Dean the decorator has banned both me and Jay from cutting in the paint - we're allowed to roller the walls as long as we stay away from the edge!

Couple of months ago Lee suggested painting the en suite ceiling before it was tiled. Totally misunderstood the watering down for new plaster instructions. Read it as 10% water, should have been 10% paint.

If you do it wrong, it is well wrong and peels! Unfortunately it doesn't just all come off in one go, some sticks, for ages.

So basically we have to strip it all off so it can be repainted by an expert (Dean!)

Yesterday morning Jay started with sandpaper, yesterday afternoon we power tooled up. Today I spent a couple of hours after work.

I reckon it may take another half day between us.

If it was just a ceiling would probably have been done by now. But no, it's an attic ceiling, so 5 different surfaces and many, many angles.

So we both ache, I cough and we both have sore eyes.

Lesson learned. Please take note.

PS Corian blog will follow when we have the energy.

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