Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Deploy the Sentinels!

Quick post from me today as Al's working a 12 hour shift!

Still knee deep in paint up there this week, but hopefully will get finished after the weekend. I was up there today putting coat number three on the gazillions of shelves in the storage room (which seemed like a good idea when I thought of it, but hate with a passion after all the painting!)

Daniel was working in the kitchen - he fitted the dishwasher, and spent probably over half an hour lifting the microwave by about 3 millimetres so it was in perfect alignment with the warming drawer. You really don't get that kind of finish with a high street kitchen!

Wondering about the title of this post yet? Another thing Daniel did today was to fit the hot tap. This is the little gizmo that works as a normal hot and cold tap over the sink, but also provides instant boiling water doing away with the need for a kettle. The tap part reminded me of one of the sentinels from the Matrix - hopefully it'll be a bit less destructive!

Corian work tops are coming tomorrow, and the last few cupboard doors have been ordered. Apparently they can't be ordered before the appliances are in , because there's a chance they could be a millimetre or two out if the ovens aren't exactly the size the website says they are.

Have we mentioned what a perfectionist Daniel is? I'm not complaining though - I really can't wait to start using my perfect kitchen!

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