Monday, 5 May 2014

Plaster dust, painting and perfection

One of big annoyances at the moment is dust. It's everywhere. And part of the problem is the builders haven't taken away lots of rubbish. One vacuum has been destroyed. Someone appears to have used it to suck up water! No idea if it went bang, but it's gone to the scrappers. Currently have two bag less ones on the go. Have to clean the filter every few minutes, otherwise the suction dies.

Jay's been painting. To be fair we both have, but I had to work today, so Jay's been on double duty.

Apparently Dean the decorator turned up today. A fast worker compared to us. So glad of his return.
 Jay has discovered that paint is magic. If you use it enough, the paint brush will eventually stick to your fingers.
 Ovens are in. The doors open themselves and slide in underneath. According to Daniel one is a few mills out of line, so it's going to be adjusted.

Also the cupboards either side of the wine chiller, are slightly proud, so they've been whipped back to the workshop for adjustment.

Good to have someone that wants to do a proper job.
Six hob burner. I know someone who's looking forward to that.

Hopefully in this month. The garden has been planned and booked in, hopefully July. You never know, we could be having BBQ's in August. So progress is being made. Hurrah!

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